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Every single project is social to its core.

Not Another Covid App - 2020

🔥🏃 First time as scrum master leading a high performing team to reach new heights.

A privacy preserving decentralized presence notification system based on the CrowdNotifier protocol with Bayabileg Batbileg(Dev team) & Sara Cousin(Dev team) & Juan Kerber(Dev team) & Manish Kumar(Dev team) & Stephane Fernandes(Dev team)

  • We worked with a real client on an academic mandate.
  • I served the team as a scrum master & more translating the needs of our sole product owner into actionable items.
  • I implemented some of the complex functionalities because we were a small team with a lot to do in limited time.
  • I reviewed code and facilitated team interactions with daily scrum reviews and planning meetings.
  • I made sure users' needs was taken into account by making sure we cunducted extensive research.
  • I worked with the skills and desires of our team to guarantee that we could deliver what our client wanted in accordance to users need.
  • All in all, I learned a lot about how people feel about this sort of technology and how to build trust.
#Scrum #Project Management #Privacy #UX #Cryptography #Flutter #Android 

Tenji - 2020

🔥🏆Winner of the SBB price at Lauzhack 2020

Helping visually impaired people find the way to their train independently using computer vision with Bayabileg Batbileg(Text-to-Speech)

  • We worked under pressure over the short span of 24 hours
  • I integrated machine learning into a flutter application using TFlite
  • I setup a python server on heroku for fast deployment of the ML model during the hackathon helping us submit the winning project in the nick of time.
  • I later retrained and integrated the TFlite model directly into the app increasing the accuracy of the initial model by x%
#AI #CV #ML #Flutter #TFlite #Android #Python #Heroku - 2020

🔥🏆Challenge winner of the EUvsVirus hackathon

🔥🏆Highlight VersusVirus Switzerland hackathon

Building a community for sufferers and survivors of domestic violence along with their help network team(Applied psychology research, UX research, UX Design, Frontend development)

  • We brought various expertises to the table to build our vision.
  • I Put together the development environment for the team to be productive including DevOps pipelines
  • During the hackathons I occupied a technical leadership role.
  • I later switched to a more product oriented outlook before coming back closer to development in a technical product management role in order to drive execution.
#Privacy #Interdisciplinary #Research #Leadership #PWA #Web #Design Thinking #UX #Data Analysis #Ethics

BMX - 2020

Crowdsourcing real-time GPS data to estimate the position of public transport in the city of Geneva with Bayabileg Batbileg(Model implementation and database design) & Marcy Paramonova(UX/UI Design and frontend development)

  • We brought together different skillsets to deliver a fullstack application
  • I architected the application to take advantage of the knowledge we had. Without relying on known ML frameworks. This let our team focus on developing our vision instead of learning tools.
  • I guided the team through my architectural decisions to enable them to give their best.
  • I set up a simple express, MySQL and node backend to receive data from the users and serve them the aggregated content.
#AI #Web #ML #Angular #Crowdsourcing #Algorithms #socket-io.js #MEAN #Leadership #Architecture #UX/UI

Learning by Doing - 2019

An augmented reality application to practice skills such as Tai-Chi or shadow boxing with Sofia Delijaj(demo video and usability tests)

  • We conducted usability tests with real users giving us key insights to iterate on a potential product centered around our use case
  • I rigged existing 3d models in order to animate them
  • I animated models using open source motion capture
  • I Built an AR android application using Unity
#AR #Unity #Android #Sports #Blender #UX

Pure Search - 2022

A java microservice based search engine for medical research articles using NLP with Brandy Nogales(Project lead), Maxime Rambosson(Frontend and server side auth) Endrit Vorfaj(Microservices) and Maxime Lefranc (Design and Frontend)

  • We built an app based on a proof of concept from a medical research lab who served as product owner.
  • I served as DevOps engineer on the project ensuring robust deployment of our various microservices.
  • I led in terms of architecturing the solution we built by analyzing how the proof of concept worked.
  • I learned a lot about myself and how decisions can impact a team.
  • I built an event driven data processing microservice after understanding researchers work.
#Microservices #Java #Kafka #Auth0 #Kubernetes #Event Driven #NLP #Data visualisation #Agile methodology #SSR


  • 2021 - Bachelor's degree in information systems and services science at university of Geneva
  • 2015-2018 Computer Science at EPFL

About me...

Xoeseko stands for "only believe" in the ewe language a moniker I try to live by every single day.

I am a passionate product builder. I like to work in teams to create value for people.

Creative at heart, I am also passionate about poppin' and dancing in general. This lead me to teach breakdance to younger kids in my neighborhood and beyond since the age of 14.

This passion for transmitting knowledge helped me be a better teaching assistant for programming at the university of Geneva.